Hi loves!

I have been wanting to share with y’all my tried & true, go-to skincare products that I have been obsessing over these past few months of my pregnancy. & y’all! They do not disappoint. As someone who breaks out more often than most, pregnancy truly does a number on my skin… AKA: It gets real bad, real fast! So, when I find products mid-pregnancy that are not only affordable, & feel like a spa treatment in a bottle BUT actually work, I can’t help but throw on “The Git Up” & do a country girl happy dance.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in:


In the morning, I like to cleanse with Bioré’s “Blue Agave + Baking Soda Cleanser.” Y’all! It is literally UNDER $6. I truly, truly attribute my newfound clear skin to this cleanser. As someone who is super sensitive to Salicylic Acid, I find that this cleanser has a very small trace amount – making it super effective & not at all irritating. Cleanses while exfoliating, & perfect for combo skin types.


OKAY! Y’all want the real 411? Forget electronic spin-care cleansers. I, personally, never use one as (1) they are plain ol’ bulky & (2) often costly, & the not-so-expensive ones are simply ineffective. YOU NEED TO STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, & ORDER THIS SPONGE: “Natural Konjac Facial Sponges.” I buy mine on Amazon. This 4 pack provides you with 2x activated charcoal “sponges” & 2x aloe vera. The “konjac” that these particular sponges are made of, is taken from the “konjac” root, which is a porous vegetable that grows in Asia. They are a SUPER gentle way to exfoliate dead or dry skin during your daily face wash. & so good for ALL skin types!!!

So, I literally apply 1x pump of my Bioré cleanser to my wet Konjac sponge, & use the sponge in place of my hands. & simply rinse with water! MAGIC.

HOT TIP: Let your skin air dry after cleansing! Even if you use a new face towel after each cleansing, it still may contain tiny traces of bacteria! I say ditch it – I have literally been doing this for years & years.

cleen beauty VITAMIN C PAPAYA GLOW SERUM – $9.97

Next, I go in with a vitamin C, papaya GLOW serum from cleen beauty – Walmart y’all… Under $10. I apply 3-4 drops to my freshly cleansed, slightly damp skin in a patting motion focusing on my more pigmented areas). I absolutely live for this serum. It is ultra-lightweight, extremely effective & derm-tested.


  • VITAMIN C & LICORICE ROOT help to brighten uneven skin tone & reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • PAPAYA ENZYME acts as a natural exfoliator
  • FERULIC ACID is a plant-based antioxidant that helps improve skin’s natural glow



Lastly, after that glow-y goodness soaks into my clean & refreshed skin, I go in with my Super Fruits Brightening Citrus Day Gel Cream from Earth to Skin. Another super affordable Walmart purchase. Walmart is my jam y’all. LITERALLY less than $9. Perfect for: Brightening, Radiance Boosting, Illuminating. & the Vitamin C helps SO MUCH with pigmentation. What I love the most? It dries on your skin & feels like air. The most perfect, weightless (non-oily) day cream for under your fave BB/CC cream or foundation or just on bare, au natural skin. Highly, highly recommend! Truly leaves my skin soft, supple & glowing.

HOT TIP: Hydrate & plump your pout with Milani Cosmetics “Rose Butter Lip Mask” – $9.99 [Formulated with Rose Oil, Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter & Hyaluronic Acid] – I like to apply this first-thing after finishing my skincare routine. & right before I head out of the house, & this product has worked its magic, I’ll apply a bit of lipliner & lipstick or gloss.

What are your fave, go-to drugstore skincare products for your morning routine?! Leave them in the comments below!

Xo, A

Somewhere East

In that moment I felt completely at peace. Brooklyn Meadow in my arms, gently resting on my growing, 19-week belly. The guest bedroom dimly lit by the cheap, plastic nightlight positioned in the corner of the room.

Nuzzling her head into my neck, she began to twirl the loose strands of hair that had managed to escape from my messy, everyday “mama” bun. I have never before felt more content. It was during this hour that I fully knew I would never be able to put the pen down. Literally. My forever inspiration blossomed from my absolute need to remember every last detail. I needed to write to survive. To understand. To live.

Her breath became heavy. Placing her in her crib, I made my way for the door.

In just a few short weeks, I would come to find myself missing this far-off, in the middle-of-nowhere home on Sunset. I just never realized how much…